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Simple Horse Racing Tips

January 17, 2014 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Horse racing has been a common sport for a very long time, as has the practice of placing bets on the horses and their riders. When it comes to any kind of sports betting you have to be careful. It’s easy to lose a lot of money very quickly. We’ve put together a few guidelines to follow that should help your horse racing experience be a good one.


  1. If you’re a beginner it’s best to start with a best that’s under $5.

  2. There are three ways to place a bet on horse racing:

    • Win: You’re betting on a horse to win the race/come in first place.

    • Place: You’re betting on a horse to come in first or second place.

    • Show: You’re betting on a horse to come in first, second, or third place.

  3. If you’re new to horse racing start out with a place or show bet.

  4. If you’re a beginner place your bets at the window and not using a machine.

  5. At any horse race you place your bet by “Racetrack, Race, Dollar Amount, Bet Type, Horse Number” in that order.


These tips may seem simple and maybe even unimportant, but taking too large of risks or not understanding what you’re betting is exactly how people end up losing more money than they can afford to. Following these few simple guidelines will help keep horse racing a fun sport to both watch and bet on.


For more information on horse racing, sports betting, and what races are going on to bet go to: http://www.betezy.com.au/bet/horse-racing/

Preparing for the AFL Season

December 02, 2013 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Before you do any online betting on the AFL there are a few things you want to check out. Things like AFL odds and the website you use matter.


  • First, what team are you betting on? Decide this first so you can plan from there.

  • Next, what site do you want to use? You should make sure the site is a reputable betting site, and it’s also a good idea to see if they have accurate and up to date AFL odds.

  • Look at the AFL odds to see what bet you’re going to be placing. These are provided for each year or season, showing what teams have been winning and losing and the likelihood of any team winning or losing in the future based on past performance.

AFL or Aussie Football is the most popular sport in Australia and the most bet on. This is part of the reason it’s a good idea to be prepared to place your bets and have all the information you may need from things like the AFL odds.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Traveling Without A Travel Adapter

June 10, 2012 By: admin Category: Traveling

Travel adapters are suitable for your travels when you need to use personal gadgets or appliances in another state or country. You can charge your laptops, cell phones, and other handy gadgets with an adapter when you travel for vacation or business. This could be helpful if the electricity voltage in such place if quite different from that of your present location. Here are startling functions of travel adapters you may not be aware of.

They Connect Your Appliances

The main function of a travel adapter is to help you connect different appliance, which have plugs that might not fit together. The plugs could have different pins that cannot be plugged to a power socket at the same time. However, with a travel adapter, this problem is resolved. It can take in of various plugs at the same time and connect them to the main source of power. Most of popular adapters are made of 3 pins and 2 pins that you can use to connect your appliance to the main electrical source.

The Convert Currents

The modern adapters you will find now are power converters. This means that they help to convert high voltage to low voltage if your appliance makes use of low voltage. These devices work perfectly as step-down for currents so that you don’t get to have your appliance burnt when you plug in. Adapters convert currents of other countries to fit your American gadgets or electronics.

More so, there is the issue of unsteady power supply or power fluctuations. When you travel to countries that have high power fluctuations your appliances is at more risk of getting damaged. A travel adapter can prevent this and help stabilize electrical current for proper working of your personal equipments.

They Are Portable

You should not worry if you were thinking that an adapter would be cumbersome to carry about. A travel adapter is hand and can be added to your traveling kits. The sizes and weight are not what you should get concerned with as they are portable and some are pocket size. More so, travel adapters are made in various designs and colors you will love.

Now that you know about these features of a travel adapter, would you not rather opt for one? You can go online and purchase the Universal US Travel adapter Plug sold at Amazon. This adapter provides all the functions described above. You can buy it for $2.60 and free shipping.


I love The Islands In The Philippines But Love These 3 More

May 13, 2012 By: admin Category: Island in the Philippines

One of the main reasons why I love to visit The Philippines over and over again is because of their beautiful islands. They have a record of 7,107 islands. With that number, it’s pretty difficult to pick the best, but from my experience, I have had a lot of fun in these mentioned below:

1. Palawan is the country’s biggest salad. It is also called the ‘Last Frontier.’ The island is crawling with high-class resorts for tourist. Nature lovers will love this island – there are beaches for swimming, diving and snorkeling. There is also the famous Subterranean National Park and the Tubbataha Reef.

2. Hundred Islands. This collection of islands can be found in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The actual number is really a hundred number of islands, scattered over the nearby Lingayen Gulf. The number of the islands is 124 during the high tide and 123 when low tide. Each island is very unique, with its own floral and fauna.

3. Camugiun Island is one of the smallest island-provinces in the country. The island is shaped and governed by fire, with seven volcanoes residing in the island alone. Aside from the volcanoes, the island is also teeming with waterfalls, caves, hot and cold springs , beaches and walking trails.

So, what do you think? Have you visited any of these islands? Do you agree that they are among the best that Philippines has to offer? You can share your experience with me and other readers of this blog. Just hit the comments box below to leave your thoughts.


May 05, 2012 By: admin Category: vacation

Every part of the Philippines has a beautiful place to stay. From the north to the south, everything has their unique destination. This archipelago with 7,107 islands has different adventure to offer. There are spectacular tourists spots in the Philippines that won’t cost you much yet the experience they offer are far beyond comparable. The following are the islands in the Philippines that offer a cheaper vacation trip.

Bohol is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines with stunning resorts and beaches. This place is not only popular for its beaches but its geographical structure and natural landscape also attracts many tourists. This is a good vacation place where you can enjoy sunny beaches, natural landscape, and distinct wildlife. Staying here won’t cost you much.There are many affordable hotels to stay and they offer buffet foods for a cheaper price. There are many wonders in Bohol—an island where you can experience a beautiful vacation.

Camiguin is a volcanic island situated in the northern part of Mindanao. Though not quite developed like the other island in the Philippines in terms of accommodations, this place can offer a beautiful vacation. Camiguin has a touched of rural bliss. You can enjoy their hot and cold springs and even their white island. This place has also reserved their historical places and there are many activities offered in this place. Camiguin is a destination that helps you relax with its wonderful nature.

The surfing capital in the Philippines, Siargao offers a delightful vacation especially to people who are into surfing and beaches. This place is a paradise that can give a one-of-a-kind surfing experience but Siargao is not only for surfers. They have powdery beaches and great diving site. This island has many things and activities to offer and a vacation here would be a haven. Though there are no big hotels in this place, still they offer accommodation with comfortable stay. A trip here won’t cost that much.

Palawan is a pride of every Filipino. This island offers a wonderful and memorable stay. Palawan is blessed with a splendid nature where every tourist would be amazed. This place offers a wonderful stay that willastonish you of the great wonders and clear beaches you can find in this place. Palawan has many breathtaking places to share that would encourage you a return visit.

Getting The Needed Help For Personal Self Improvement

April 25, 2012 By: admin Category: Self Improvement

I’d be the first to admit that it is not easy doing it all by yourself, but when you look at things from the right perspective, it is the best way – no, the only way – to get things done right. But no one ever said doing it yourself meant the same thing as doing it alone. In the United States today, you can get help with your personal self improvement quest by simply joining a self improvement group, or by hiring a personal development coach.

Personal development by coaching is getting more and more popular in the United States lately as people come to terms with the fact that being all they want to be might take some help from professionals who have done it before and who may be better at it than they are, or who are simply good at teaching. That is why life coaching has become a bit of a fad and is growing into an enviable industry in America today.

Personal development coaching is suddenly making such waves because it helps with the development of friendships, provides the benefits of emotional support, experiential knowledge, identity, meaningful roles, and a sense of belonging that you may never have been able to get on your own or from any other source.

Evaluating a personal development coach for hire may be a bit of a challenge too because it is hard to tell who is for real. The credentials are certainly important for they tell you if the person is indeed qualified. It helps if they have qualifications in some kind of psychology or related field, and it helps if they perhaps have experience working as a shrink. The most important self improvement coach consideration has to be the related success in their life for the simple reason that they have no right to teach something that they cannot do by themselves.

Traveling To Europe For Vacation – 2 Good Choice Countries To Visit

February 18, 2012 By: admin Category: Travel to Europe

The European continent has always been the place to see and to be seen. The Grand Tour of yesterdecades guided the young people to see and marvel at Europe at its finest and glory Today, Europe is still packed with tourists and probably will still be in the future.

Greece has been around for thousands of years. The country introduced democracy and the Olympics to the world. Greece, as a tourist destination, is pure, simple and beautiful. The islands have different landscapes and the sea is a sight worth staring at. There is always something distinct and new about every island.

The historic part of Greece is also interesting to learn about. Walk around ancient, structures and items survived well to the modern history. Greece is also famous for its beaches and its perfect climate. Greek beaches are not just for swimming but also for other water activities like snorkeling, jet skiing and diving.

It’s not as popular as its fellow European nations like France, Italy or UK but the place is worth spending your vacation. Germany is filled with culture, history and beer. Drop in October and find people making merry with big mugs of beer in their hands.

And despite the old European vibe and the numerous castles, Germany also has its own share of nightlife. The country also has its own share of gardens, which tourists can visit and appreciate.

Germany’s famous attractions included the Christmas Market, Black Forest, Romantic Road and Bradenburg Gate.